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Posters + Marketing

Marketing materials made for various on campus clubs

Project Type: Graphic Design, Marketing, Illustration

Time: January 2018 - June 2019

Role: Designer

Skills: Illustration, Typography, Branding

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, MailChimp


During my second year at Northeastern, I became very involved in a number of student organizations. As a member of the e-board of various clubs, I was tasked with creating posters and marketing collateral for social media. I worked to develop distinct branding between my clubs, and to make my work as appealing as possible. Some of the clubs that I created graphics for include NU Women in Tech, Multi-diverse Unified Leaders in the Technology Industry, and Girls Who Code College Loops: Northeastern.



Design Chair

This is a collection of graphics I have put together for the club for various events and fundraising efforts.



CoFounder + Vice President

This is a collection of the different social media graphics I made to promote the club.


GWC College Loops

Media Chair

This is a collection of banners and graphics I made to advertise club meetings.

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