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Entertainment Tech: Video

In high school, I attended a performing arts program where I majored in Film Production. I loved learning about storytelling, camera work, and editing over the years, and I have even taken some film and photography courses in college as a result. Over the years, I have created a number of short films. Among them are:

"You Never Know" - Official Pick at the All American High School Film Festival 

"Daytime Summit" - Winner of the All American High School Film Festival Invitational

"Something Special" - Best Comedy at the New Jersey High School Film Festival

"Castle Park" - Best Editing at the Derek Freese Film Festival


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This was a collaborative project with the dance department. We went to film at the Grounds for Sculpture, and a friend of mine in the music program composed an original song for me to edit it to.

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Castle Park

This was made as part of a 'Weird NJ' assignment. We were tasked with finding a local urban legend and bringing it to life. We were also inspired by the Blair Witch Project for the style. I acted as writer and actress.

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Do I Wanna Know

This video was made for a music video assignment. I was the main actress for this video, but I also helped with cinematography. Specifically, we experimented with location and props for this video.

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This is probably the weirdest video I've done to date. It's a romantic comedy about a French astronomer that falls in love with the moon. That's me in my 'French' outfit, and we also got to experiment with a green screen.

You Never Know

A documentary about school shootings. We interviewed students from the school about their thoughts on the current climate of our school and gun safety. I acted as the director and editor for this project.

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Something Special

Created for the NJ High School Film Festival. We were given a title, character name, and prop and had to make a video in 5 days based on that. I acted as the writer and director of this project. We won 'Best Comedy' at the festival.

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Daytime Summit

Created for the very first All American High School Film Festival Invitational. Over the course of 3 days we filmed and edited our film in NYC. We ended up winning!

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This video was for a project in making a noir film. One of the bigger projects I've worked on, I acted as director and editor. We worked with students in the acting program to gain experience directing.

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